How FREE samples of your Course Material increases Engagement

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We all seen it. FREE samples at the food court. FREE samples in Costco. FREE trial size soap. FREE glasses with alcohol. FREE coffee with an oil change. It’s everywhere!

As marketers and brand builders, even though we know how this game works, we still get sucked in.  Every time one of us goes to Costco, we NEVER pass up the free samples!  And inevitably, the free samples lead to a sale. And why do companies keep giving free stuff? Because it works.

With Digital and Social media, it’s the same exact game: Blogging, YouTube videos, Podcasts, E-books, Facebook groups, Twitter posts, Instagram photos.

These are all just different channels that give you an opportunity to find and serve potential students with free content. Free videos, audio recordings, written material and more.

Bottom line: make free content part of your online strategy.

Bonus Tip: Quality always trumps frequency. If someone tells you that you should post to social media every week, they are flat out wrong. You see there is already too much low quality free content out there already.  The only companies that benefit from your frequent posting are the social media software companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Focus on providing deep and thoughtful insight, and explaining it well. If you can do that often, great!  But frequency should never be your goal. Quality must never be compromised.  Low-quality content dilutes your brand value and won’t serve your customer anyways. 

Unsure how to make free content work for your coaching business? Let’s have a chat.

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