GOD told me to build a funnel

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I’m new to funnels and sales pages, but an old dog with online marketing.. a few years ago, if you would have asked me, I would have said that success has passed me by.. that I’m destined for a life of mediocrity.. 20 years in online marketing and basically nothing to show.. a series of failures and endings
But the story is changing.. my faith is building momentum.. i know that it’s only me thats in the way.. I deserve it, I have earned it, and there is more than enough for everyone.. I’m not taking away someone else’s meal.. there is plenty for everyone to eat well.. and my unique story and life is all that I need..
One thing that has helped is a recent “I AM” exercise that I discovered.. (scroll down to the do the exercise)
It has opened up a whole new level of awareness for me
Namely, that i’m scared to focus on a niche..
And that fear comes from the thought that if I focus on one area, I miss out on others..
And THAT comes from a much deeper issue… a feeling of scarcity..
I’m starting to discover that part of success with focusing on one problem, one set of people, and one idea requires faith..
Faith that the market actually exists
Faith that sales page can be micro-targeted and focused on that group (being a 20+ year web designer, I have ZERO issues with this one)
Faith that I can share something helpful for just that narrow group (maybe this one is a challenge, but thats where 3rd party content comes in)
Faith that focusing on one group will provide enough financial resources for my family (I tend to be too evidence based.. if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it)
Narrowing focus, I’m discovering, is actually truly rooted in faith and in not worrying about “missing out” on some other opportunity.. knowing that there is more than enough out there.
Anyone else having this realization? How does your spiritual belief help/harm you here? Does scripture play a role for you? 

The “I AM” exercise

People won’t ever buy from you if they don’t understand why they should pay attention to you. And they notice you only if you have a strong value proposition. A Value Proposition is a brief paragraph that communicates to your potential audience who you are, what you do, who you help, and the results they can expect if they work with you.
It becomes your “elevator” speech and entices your listening audience to ask questions about your products and services and then qualify or disqualify themselves as a prospect.
Step 1 – I AM

Give a brief description of what you do. The sentence should start with I AM followed by a descriptor. (ie: I am a Digital Marketing and Business Strategist or I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Adviser)
I AM ______________________________________________
Step 2 – I HELP

Now, let’s focus on your target audience. List 3 or 4 types of people in which you feel you should focus your efforts. (ie: I help speakers, consultants, authors, and entrepreneurs; or I help accountants)
I HELP ______________________________________________

The next part describes your services. What is it that you actually help them with? You need to describe this in the form of solving a problem and the first word needs to be an action. (ie: create leads for their business; or understand the difference between a professional and amateur podcast; or help them gain mental clarity)
DO/UNDERSTAND ______________________________________________
Step 4 – SO THAT

The final section is the expected results. This phrase communicates the value you will add to them and is recommended it be stated in numerical terms or a stated action. (ie: so that they can 2x, 5x or 10x their business; or so that they can lose 10 pounds in 10 days; or so that can finally gain the courage to quite their job)
SO THAT ______________________________________________
Now, write it out a few times and then polish it until it flows with ease and is easily memorized.
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