What people pay for

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What people pay for:
Step by step: The process you go through
Done for You: You doing the actual work for them
How To: a technique or skill that you learn

6 ways to make money online

Coach-Asses the talent, helps that talent grow

Consulting- Asses the current reality, give them a report that they can work with, create a set of prescriptions that they can work with, in and out quick job

Mentor- Someone who has been to the top and is more focused on the person rather than the financial outcome. Care more about the person than the business.

Strategist- creates a step by step process to success, 35,000 ft view

Teacher- Take a concept and make them easy to understand

Implementer- Does the work, make ads, build funnels, sells products etc.

Promise Statement = ‘So that’ part of the value proposition

I promise that you with have the dream wedding you have always wanted

Answer these questions to find your Promise statement…

What am I good at? (ads, funnels, ecom, physical products etc

How am I going to deliver it? (ebook, course, mastermind, ecom store etc)
Who’s going to be helped? (target customer)
How are they going to get it? (The doing part)

Homework is sharing your promise statement on a 3-5 min facebook live


What I learnt

Don’t call myself a life coach call myself a wedding confidence coach. It’s more like what I do and has given me more clarity.

Hope that helps someone.
Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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