About Us

We are a full service Web, Social, and PR agency serving Vancouver, Dubai, and London. We provide expert leadership in all matters relating to Branding, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention through Digital and Media channels for our world-class clients.

Why Choose Stone & Bloom?

How do you determine the right Service Provider for you?   We ask the same question ourselves when we need services as well.  Ideally, the right company provides a combination of:

  • Service Excellence
  • Technical Expertise
  • A Capable Team

Service Excellence

Right from the first time you contact us through to final project execution, you will notice something different.  Customers, Referrals, and Positive Feedback is how we have grown our reputation and we continue to rely on that model for all of our customers.  Have a birthday?  We’ll send you a card. Need to contact us for Emergency service?  We’re there. We’ll even review your traffic every month, and give you a call just to say hello. Just ask our past customers to see the kind of service we provide.

Technical Expertise

At Stone & Bloom we believe that if you put the best ingredients into every recipe, you are bound to produce the best finished product.  It’s the same with your project.  We have 10+ years experience in Public Relations, Brand management, Brand creation, Web development and design, Project management, and much more.  It’s inevitable that we will produce great results for you.

A Capable Team

At Stone & Bloom, we bring together experienced, capable, and talented professionals and consultants that are masters of their own discipline.  We want the best for our clients and that means finding the best talent to fulfill that goal. Together, we can create outstanding results for our clients.

A Formula for Success

If it was possible to bring together the best talent for every project, how would that show in the results?  Stone & Bloom answers that question with a simple recipe:

  • Find the best talent you can in each area of project delivery
  • Combine forces and utilize everyone’s unique passions and skills
  • Bid and Work on projects as a team for each client

Our Leadership Team

Mayur Jobanputra

Head of Digital Strategy

Mayur Jobanputra is the Digital Strategy brains behind Stone & Bloom. Business-savvy, and a serial entrepreneur, Mayur contributes to the creative and strategic side of the operations and is often labelled as an “outside-the-box” thinker, a visionary, creative, and a charismatic leader. Mayur has over 10,000 hours experience in design, development, technology, business, and online marketing.  Stone & Bloom is the co-evolution of Mayur’s vision to partner with bright individuals and seasoned experts in their own discipline.


  • Launched 100+ creative projects for clients as a Freelance consultant over the past 15 years – web sites, logos, brand identity packages, brochures, and much more.
  • Very broad knowledge of Internet and Software technologies having been completely self-taught from 12 years old.
  • Expert Training and Support skills combined in an easy language have been a hallmark of Mayur’s entire career. Trained over 1000 people and companies in everything from Process to Email to Graphic Design and Content management.
  • Follows and Regularly contributes to Blogs and Discussion Forums regarding Pagerank, Google Apps, Analytics, User Interface Design, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing and much more.
  • Provides ongoing training and SEO services including 1-on-1 traffic reviews for clients.
  • Always continues to innovate with online tools like CrazyEgg, Quarkbase, WebsiteGrader and so much more.
  • Web Development Experience: ASP, PHP, Javascript, CGI, MySQL, MSSQL, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and much more

Mayur regularly attends local networking events like meetups, SOHO events, New Ventures BC gatherings, Investors and Real Estate networks, Meetup.com events and much more. Mayur also maintains a healthy lifestyle outside of the office and is pursuing Life Coaching and Public Speaking and Personal Development. Mayur has attended the following events:

  • Unleash The Power Within – Tony Robbins
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive – T. Harv Eker

PSI Basic – Personal Success Institute

Samantha Sabah

Head of Global Creative and Public Relations
Co-Founder & CEO of Le Pear Societe and Stone & Bloom Communications, Samantha Sabah has a unique ability to attract key experts in the fields of Digital, Social & PR, and provide a common platform for them to work under.

The creative mastermind of Stone & Bloom, Samantha has a passion and a sixth sense for business. After 10+ years experience, working in Canada, she moved to Dubai to grow her career further. In a very short time she has created an outstanding reputation for success and hard work & has numerous key contacts throughout the business community.

Samantha believes in her sense of creativity and instinct for seeking and identifying opportunities.

Samantha stands alone in UAE with a unique and successful approach for creating brands out of products. A Superb Communicator, Positive Leader, and Creative Thinker with more than 10+ years of Events, Marketing and PR Experience.


  • Professional with several years of communications experience in Strategic PR Plans, Development and Production of Publications, Internal Communications, Media Relations, Special PR Events and Much more.
  • Handled several major accounts, created and raised public awareness and established an enormous increase in media coverage through her unique strategic PR/communications Plan
  • Executed dozens of Commercial Events including VIP and Special Entertainment club nights
  • Major contributor in creating a property called “The Book Of Achievers-Top Business Leaders in GCC” which showcases the top 33 business achievers by a panel of 3 expert judges out of more than 100 candidates. Since then, the book has become a yearly bible for the business community to refer to and gain networking activities