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Our Custom Website or Blog Development Program is perfect for new or existing businesses that are looking for a fresh, user-friendly, and high ranking web site for their product or service.

Your website is custom-built from the ground-up with a custom theme, graphics, audio and video content, a unique color scheme and much more.  A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your project that you will have access to throughout the life of your project.


  • Setup and Install your Website software
  • Develop a Content Plan and Strategy for reaching more customers
  • Edit all of your draft content for your Pages
  • Insert any custom videos or audio files you provide us
  • Integrate any Photos or Images that you have 
  • Optionally, shoot additional Photos reflecting your Brand
  • Develop any visual graphics and rich media that enhance your Brand story
  • Install software to track and monitor website traffic (called Analytics)
  • Install live user monitoring software (heatmaps and live recordings)
  • Link all of your Social media accounts
  • Setup software to track your website for Malware


  • Submit your website to Search engines
  • Setup Google Webmasters
  • Submit to additional search engines like MSN, Yahoo, etc.
  • Optimize your website so it appears on search engines
  • Publish a story about the launch to your Social media channels
  • Send out a Press Release 
  • Monitor traffic data and adjust your site accordingly

Program Benefits:

  • First Impressions matter online
  • Increase your Revenue for a Low cost
  • Websites strengthen your Brand Story
  • You aren’t relying on Social media or 3rd Party software
  • Google and Yelp reviewers have a place to go
  • Create a one-stop Information Portal for your leads and customers
  • Distribute information to your email list
  • Create a blog or website that is easy to update
  • Share Critical Business and Contact Info

Program Features:

  • Full Customized Theme, Design and Colors
  • Extensive Content Analysis and Consultation
  • Mobile (responsive) Ready
  • Unlimited Information and Contact forms
  • Unlimited Pages and Sub-pages
  • Secure Online Payments Installed
  • Youtube, Google Maps & Podcast Installed
  • Live-chat and AI-driven chat software Installed
  • Email Collection List Installed
  • Social Media Sharing Tools Installed
  • High Quality Hosting on World-class servers
  • Monthly Malware and Virus Maintenance
  • On-going Preferred Rate Consulting for Post-Launch Updates

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Our Expertise

We have decades of experience building websites, blogs, and complex online applications. We have worked with hundreds of 3rd party tools, plugins, SAAS applications and more and are adding more skills and capabilities all the time. 

NOTE: The list below is only a short list of our Expertise and have many more not listed here. If you aren’t sure if we support your software, get in touch with us.

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